Rules of the Lakes

  1. A minimum of 12lb reel line on carp lake – 20lb on the catfish lake (40lb hooklength).
  2. No braided reel line.
  3. Barbless hooks only – no barbed or micro barbed and no bent hooks (This will be checked).
  4. No bolt of death rigs – running rigs only.
  5. No lead core or safe zone leaders.
  6. Unhooking mats must be used at all times (no mat no fishing)
  7. A sensible sized landing net must be used (please used net dip before fishing)
  8. No nut baits or trout pellets.
  9. Strictly no live baits, only shop brought dead bait to be used.
  10. No Floating of surface baits.
  11. No carp sacks (take photos and return fish ASAP!)
  12. No standing with fish – please keep them low to the ground.
  13. Never leave rods unattended.
  14. Do not cut back bank side vegetation – you may tie back and undo again when you leave.
  15. Your swim is not a toilet please do not use it as one.
  16. Please ensure all your litter is removed from your swim when you leave.
  17. No fires, BBQ are allowed but they must not burn or scold the grass, so must be off the floor, anyone caught with a BBQ on the floor will be asked to leave.
  18. No bait boats. Please do not throw left over bait in to the lakes or over feed your swim!
  19. Leave no litter! You brought it you take it home.
  20. Do not try to steal our fish YOU WILL BE PROSECTUTED.
  21. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is fishing themselves.
  22. Fishing Bivvies to be used only around the lakes, tents are welcome but only in the designated area.
  23. Spodding is only allowed on the Cat lake, no excessive feeding on any of the lakes.
  24. No illegal substances or excessive alcohol consumption.

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