Lakes and Fishing

Match Lake

Our match lake is stocked with a fantastic range of Skimmers, Rudd, Roach, Perch, Tench, Carp, Barbel, Chub and Koi you can even find a few F1’s, match weights often exceed 60lbs.

Carp Lake

This lake has plenty of carp and they are growing quick from 8lb to 37+ you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your swim and most are doubles, Here you are able to fish the whole day, 24 hours or all week. You choose your length of stay. Don’t forget we have showers this lake was built with the carp angler in mind, with plenty of features including snags, overhanging trees, gravel bars, and some deeper channels depths vary from 18” to 6’

With carp ranging from commons, mirrors, grass and koi.


Catfish lake

The lake has been stocked with catfish up to 80lb+ and growing.

Why not have a go at catching your albino catfish too, currently at 44lb. Night fishing available.

This lake was created offering beautiful surroundings and features with plenty of swims to choose from depth vary from 18” to 6’.

The catfish in this lake take a wide range of baits and fight hard, so strong terminal tackle and a minimum of 20lb mainline is recommended.(no braid).


20lb lines recommended on the cat lake

Carp up to 40lb
Catfish up to 80lb

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